#MadMonday: No (body told you to buy this game, anyway) Man’s Sky

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I’ve gotten far too many laughs at the expense of folks lamenting games they bought and regretted. Some people didn’t research. Some people bought games based off the hype machine. All gamers have felt the sting of buying a game, and immediately feeling like you wasted the money. And then there is the comedy from gamers who bought No Man’s Sky.

I wish I could tell you I cared (I don’t). I wish I could tell you I empathized (I don’t). I wish, more than that, I could tell you I didn’t laugh till I cried when the tweets started pouring in after release day (I did). Just so you would think, hey, Robyn isn’t so bad after all (but I am). More than any of that, I wish I could tell you that the “false advertising” investigation wasn’t real. Yes, an entitled weirdo brat filed a complaint with the…

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BiggJern’s Gaming Resume

BiggJern Gaming Resume

Gamertag: BiggJern (PS3 & PS4, but mainly PS4)

Name: Jern

Age: 27

Experience: 25 years


Intro To Gaming: NES at 2 years old


Systems Currently Owned: [broken] Sega Dreamcast, N64, PS2, PS3, PS4, GBA


Strongest Genre: Fighting, RPG, Arcade Sports, Racing, Rhythm, Wrestling


Weakest Genre: FPS, FPS, FPS, Sports, and FPS


Code Check: Nearly all the codes to GTA San Andreas (especially the “blow up all vehicles” code)


  • [allegedly] Rescued the Princess in Super Mario Bros. (NES) at the age of 2
  • achieved the infamous 0:0.0 time in the Chocobo Race on FFX in less than 5 tries (2 to be exact); a feat that took millions a ton of hours and broken controllers
  • Held a world record racing time on the PS4 version of GTAV (can’t recall the name of it, but it was the one where you started at the airport.)
  • Was top 30 Raiden player on Playstation Allstars Battle Royale
  • 4th place at college UMvC3 tournament
  • Defeated Emerald Weapon (FF7) in less than 2 minutes….. Thanks overflow glitch!!!
  • 100% on FF7

 All Time Fave system: PS3 (with the PS2 and PSX classics store, it’s practically 3 consoles in 1)

Current Fave System: PS4


  • Heavily loves FFX…… no, seriously, I’m planning on getting a tattoo with a symbol from the game being one of graphics of the tat.
  • Lover of fighting games, even though I’m not that good at them.
  • Fight/arcade stick owner and lover; if I were wealthy, I’d start a collection of them and arcade cabinets
  • Lover of arcades.
  • Lover of UMvC3. It’s a combo crazy game; my kind of combo crazy game.
  • When it comes to fighting games, I’m a CapCom fanboy. Other than that, I love anime fighters, Killer Instinct, and PSASBR (even though this one isn’t popular, smh)
  • I want to meet Justin Wong, IFC Yipes, MarlinPie, Daigo, or Mike Ross in real life. And I want Mad Catz staff member MarkMan to hook me up with a career
  • Hater of CoD, but more so the hype and not the game
  • Proud lover and activist of turn-based RPG’s, which is becoming a lost art
  • Although I’m a PS fanboy and whatnot, I more or less joke around with the console wars and encourage people to just get what fits their preference.
  • Will argue you up and down that the following games and comparisons are the best of their series: Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater, GTA San Andreas, Super Mario World, Perfect Dark (not really canon but I consider it part of the Goldenye “series”), Final Fantasy X, NFL 2K > Madden, Devil May Cry 3, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, Burnout Takedown, WWF No Mercy & Smackdown 2, Killer Instinct > Mortal Kombat, Auron > all of your fave Final Fantasy characters, The aeon Anima being the most awesome thing to ever be created.
  • Becoming an addict towards Tell Tale Games’ style of games of “make a choice” style of games
  • Would rather live in a mediocre house with great wifi than a luxurious house with crappy wifi because I love gaming entertainment that much (rather be [seemingly] broke than bored)
  • Twitter: @Meeting_aJERNed
  • Twitch: BiggJern
  • YouTube: BiggJern
  • Other than my Twitter, you can more or less find me on the Web with the name BiggJern

Let’s be happy!!!

I notice that my last post wasn’t so…. jolly…. so let’s talk about happy things!!! How about cookies! I love them! Especially peanut butter. Oh and chocolate chip, but I’m kinda selective on them. Oh, music can make you happy. I into hip hop, rap (not really the newer stuff), bass, metal, classic rock, basically anything but country. I’m especially into Dubstep! Nero, Flux Pavillion, Bass Nectar, Yes!!! My son makes me happy! The more he grows, the more I’m amazed and motivated to strive for him. He really looks up to me so I gotta show him the right way. My car makes me happy because it is one of my favorite kind: Buick Park Avenue. Some people would look at me funny for that but look at it like this: the luxury and size of a Cadillac without the high maintenance. Seriously, 6 people can fit in there! Oh, and candy is awesome. Gummy bears? Yezzir!!!! Wish I had some now…… Money makes me happy, too! Why? It pays bills, lol! No seriously, whoever said that it can buy happiness is too quick to assume. It actually can for the right person. I can buy certain material for those that need it and it will bring them tears of joy so POW!!! well, I don’t know what else to say, but I figured I post something happy, lol

“You’ll make some lucky girl very happy…..” O RLY???

That statement……. lol OH that statement…… I’ve heard it sooooo many times along with its alternative, “Some girl will be lucky to have you…” So many people (mostly female) have told me this, but I just have to wonder, “WHO IS THIS GIRL?????” Like, I’m getting tired of playing Mr. Gentleman or Mr. Nice Guy and it backfires on me. Heck, I’m not really playing it b/c that’s who I really am. Call me bitter all you want to but you haven’t lived MY life either. Oh allow me to explain, however. I’ve been taught to treat women very nicely with respect and such. I’ll even compliment a woman about her looks just to be nice because I know everybody needs that one positive thing to boost their confidence or to make their day. But this usually means nothing to them. So what’s the point? I really am wasting my time.


Now, don’t even get me started on relationships…. TOO LATE!!!….. Too many women love to take advantage of the whole nice guy routine…. well, at least on my end. I can understand if you’re just wanting to go for the free food and whatnot, but I’m not down for that, sorry. I don’t have time or money to waste like that even if I was rich. Oh, and when I compliment someone that really is attractive and care for them and ask about their day, etc. (not proper grammar but I don’t care) and it backfires….. especially when that person was interested in me then decide that they’re not wanting a relationship b/c of a bad past….. Buuuuut “I’ll make some lucky girl very happy!”…… Why don’t YOU want to be that lucky girl? In fact, why don’t ANY of the girls want to be THAT lucky girl? I’ve basically thought about giving up on love & relationships because clearly that “lucky girl” doesn’t want to be happy or doesn’t exist. I mean this has happened a lot of times and I’ve heard that statement plenty of times. And I know some of them don’t mean any harm when they say that, but again I ask you: “WHY DON’T YOU WANT TO BE THAT LUCKY GIRL THAT I WILL MAKE VERY HAPPY????”

I.D.I.O.T.: Individual, Diverse, Inspiring, Open-minded, Talented

“Be yourself…..” Yeah…. we’ve heard that advice before. Some of us heard it enough times that it’s annoying and is beginning to lose it’s “meaning”. But here is the real question: are you being yourself? If you want to get technical, everybody on this planet is being themselves. Some people’s personality is all about imitation and they know nothing else while others are more focused on breaking the norm, so to speak. So the more appropriate advice is “Be an Individual who is Diverse, Inspiring, Open-minded, and Talented.” Yes, be an I.D.I.O.T.

I’m now 24 and I’ve experienced and learned quite a bit. Not as much as a 50 year old person, but that’s getting off subject. Thru my 24 years of being on this earth, I’ve learned that everyone really does have their own opinion and is usually not accepted by the same people (in some cases, hardly acceptable at all). Although it is easier said then done, we all need to come to the conclusion that this is true. Not everybody will like the idea that Obama is our President or that the Ku Klux Klan really does have a right to freedom of speech. Now, I’m not saying that we all should agree to have the same opinion, but we should remember that they are entitled to one. I am an African American male who believes that all blacks have no place in America……. <—- whether I am right or not does not make me an Individual but the fact that I have an opinion. What would make it better if I actually had a logical explanation for my opinion, thus making me more of an individual instead of a person who’s been taught what to think.

Again, I am an African American male. Most would assume that I am automatically interested in rap music, rims, clothes, and women with big buttocks (I couldn’t even keep a straight face while typing that). I’ll admit that all of those things are true about me, but I have a more broad list than that, actually. I enjoy all types of music. In fact, my interests would actually shock certain people. I don’t want to be the stereotypical black man that listens to nothing but black music (rap/hip-hop). Yes I like rims, but usually more for the look and tastes, not the size. I like clothes, but I’m not very materialistic with it. I don’t go out and get strictly nothing but Nike or Polo. I’ll admit that I wear clothes from Wal-Mart. I’m wearing so khaki cargo pants from there right now, actually. I really do believe that it’s the person that makes the clothes. Women? I love them! Even their rear-ends (lol, what’s wrong with me?)! But I also like one with a good mind b/c looks get you nowhere except the magazine, photoshoot, and porn flicks (let’s keep it real, folks). Folks should really try to be diverse and widen their interests and tastes in everything. Before you become picky, try other things b/c you just might find something else to be picky about.

You may not know this but you are probably being looked up to right now. It may be someone your age, someone older, or someone younger. Some people are probably watching you just to judge you or wish that something bad happen to you…… Most of you believe it’s option two. In either case, what do you do? Give them what they NEED, not what you want to do. Be the role model that people need to see. Show them that certain tribulations can actually be defeated. Give your “haters” a reason to respect you. Be that inspiration for somebody who is down on their luck that looks at you and says, “Well if he/she can do it, then so can I!”

Listen to everyone’s opinions and learn that they have one. Allow everyone to live their life. It may be different, but it is God’s creation. Let God’s creation have a mind of its own. Remember that they can possibly have a mind of their own and not someone else. In other words, some minds might think alike, they don’t have the same exact thoughts in the end. Your mind is a door that would be better if opened and not closed.

What truly makes you different from others? What can YOU bring to the table? There are certain things in this world that are slowly dieing down that are quite needed. Acknowledge your abilities and put them to good use. Admire your abilities because not everyone will. Admire those who have different yet interesting abilities. A lot of people with talents are slowly being ignored nowadays. The question is why? I believe it is because feel the need to ignore and discourage those people while we rather show attention to the less-deserving. So, why be an idiot when you can be an I.D.I.O.T.?

Maybe the job is not as bad as you think….

Ok, there’s a saying that my family like to say: “A job is a job. As long as you gettin paid then it’s ok.” they don’t say that word for word but it basically summarizes what they’re saying. Now, in today’s economy, this statement is so true. It got to the point where people will take ANY job. People tryin to get hired at Wal-Mart or McDonald’s. However, if you think about it, some of the jobs out there are not as bad as you think…

Now, I’ve mentioned Wal-Mart and McDonald’s and for a while you were looked down upon if you work there, but is it really that bad to work there (or similar places)? Think about it: when was the last time you hear of a Wal-Mart or McDonald’s closing or somebody getting laid off because of no business? Sure, there are better paying jobs, but with the right lifestyle and right pay, you’re set for life. I mean, who doesn’t shop at Wal-Mart and McDonald’s is (supposedly) part of the problem of obesity in America. Yeah, they’re not shutting down anytime soon.

Now let’s talk about these  other taken-for-granted jobs like truck drivers. I told myself that if things didn’t go well with college then I was gonna become one. Why? Think about it: you get paid to travel. Well, you don’t go where YOU want to go, but they are paying you to drive which is something that most adults do anyways. However, there are some companies that are not doing well so you have to find that right one (Coca-Cola trucks anyone?), and there’s the chance where you’re on the road a lot without your family. But hey, it’s always nice to ride around the country every once in a while and possibly see family at other states. UPS goes along with this too, especially since they have so much benefits and great pay…… I think I might apply there when I graduate, lol.

Then there’s the jobs that will definitely be here for a while. Postal Services: because bill collectors need to get a hold of you one way or another, lol. But seriously, delivering mail is just one of those jobs that this country, heck, this world is going to need until the end of time. The same goes for farming because food and oil companies need the resources somehow to provide the economy. Teachers? Well, somebody has to get our youth ready for the future.

People are getting laid off and losing jobs from left to right. Others are even having trouble trying to find one (trust me, I know quite a bit). And technology nowadays is too expensive to be sitting around doing nothing everyday. So if you’re reading this and you have a job, be proud of it! And if you don’t, then have no worries because somewhere in this world, someone wants to pay you to do a task that they don’t want to/can’t do.


Give them what they need…

“If someone asks money for food, offer them food.” This was a statement said by my mom a while back that stuck with me. It really should be applied to everybody’s life. First, let me explain the situation behind that statement: somebody asked my dad for some money for food to which my mom told him that very statement and that somebody left him alone when he offered food instead. In other words, that somebody was tryin to trick my dad into giving him money for something else, something that happens a lot nowadays.

Now if I had the resources, I wouldn’t mind helping somebody out. However, I stick with that rule of thumb so much that it severely bothers me when someone asks “Can I have money for _____?” If you need _____ then why not just say “Can I have _____?” Now I understand you need actual money for certain things (gas, trips, bills), but by asking that question to me you cause me to believe that you wanna use it for “other” things that I wouldn’t give you money for to begin with, especially since money is hard to come by to begin with.

Now, I might touch on something “offensive” with this one but I disagree with child support laws for this very statement. Why? Well, why should a man give money for his child instead of the actual necessities the child needs (diapers, clothes, toys, food)? And I already know what some of you are goin to say, “Because there are deadbeat dads out in this world!” and I agree. But here is the question, did this mothers with deadbeat baby daddies really think of the consequences? Did they not know that it was possible that HE could be one of those types? Did they look at the clues (one night stand, no job, lazy)?

While I’m on the topic of child support, that’s what it really is: support of the CHILD. Pretty simple right? Well, unfortunately, there are mothers in this world that like to think that it’s for them too which is another reason why I don’t like it. It would bother me that I have to give my hard earned money to someone that is not by law (if I’m correct) required to spend it on my child. In fact, why not make it to where it is, by law, required that a man spend time with his child since that’s more valuable than money itself?

Sorry to get a little off subject. Anyways, we’re in a rough time in this economy and we should try to help someone every once in a while. Money is hard to come by so give them something else that you can actually give. If they ask for clothes, do you think they need that $800 suit or some clothes that you don’t wear anymore that just so happens to fit them? If they ask for food, do you think they need a $50 meal or that leftover thing of spaghetti you made last night? If they need something to do, do you think they need money for some weed or alcohol, or a night of spades, games, or just somebody to chill with?